In Photogrammetry we have been performing both 3D and 2D mapping. We have completed more than 600 projects in this field. This includes.

  • 3D & 2D maps in 1:500 scale of urban area like Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar etc. for town planning and urban development.
  • Land use/land cover assessment of the areas likes Tapovan, Imphal etc., including detail contouring (1m), preparation of thematic maps etc. Using high resolution aerial photo.
  • Orthophoto of the Kent, England, mosaicking and tiling of image of that area in 25m resolution.
  • 3D mapping of some cities of India, Portugal, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic etc.


GIS is being indispensable for each and every govt. As well as commercial sector. We have done GIS for municipality in West Bengal, India. Our main achievement is in the power sector, we are carrying on “Power GIS” Project in West Bengal, India for West Bengal State Electricity Board. We have already completed the same for 63 power supply unit and the success of the project opened the way to get the same work for another 125 power supply units Details GPS survey (for transformers, poles etc.), digitization, different thematic mapping and data included in this project.

We are now specialized in Air Borne Laser Terrain Mapping (ALTM) in respect of equipment as well as man power.


EACPL offers processing of highly accurate LiDAR Data processing, mapping and features extraction giving final out as per customers requirement.
A few key services are:

A. DEM/DTM/DSM Generation
B. Features extraction like buildings, pylon, electrical utilities, trees and hydro features and vegetations
C. Geo-tiff creation
D. Mapping on high resolution imageries synchronize with LiDAR base data and Geo-data base generation.

Cartography :

Nice to highlight that EACPL is carrying a close relationship with one of the Key Cartographer developer and service providers in Europe and in the World as well since 2010.

EACPL is offering small to very large scale final print file for the following :
World Road Atlas
Hand books of Touristic folded maps
Drive through maps
Geological maps
Data conversion
Customized Fonts application
Database Customization
Indexing and Layout Creation

High Resolution Satellite Data :
EACPL offers High Resolution Satellite data (1meter per pixel)
Radiometrically calibrated true Ortho Photos at a very reasonable price